Sitemap - 2022 - AFTER/WORDS by Jessy Easton

How did we end up back here?

Why is it so hard to like ourselves?

The gift I gave myself that changed my life

This is how I say I love you

Two things can be true at once

Artist Series: An Open Letter To Scantily Clad Women

Ask me anything: Fall edition

6 relationship deal-breakers

Summer AMA wrap-up


Artist Series: I promise it's not all sad

How to start writing | Part II

How to start writing | Part I

The sound of your leaving

Trying to let go

The Between Space

We're just liars

I don’t know what to do with my hands

A shot in the dark

A dusting off

In the place we call Now

The us we used to know | Part II

The us we used to know | Part I

The part of motherhood that broke me

Ask me anything: Summer Edition

Wake of Dust

The wax-melting summer

And sometimes I worry I’ve married my father

We were never free

The things I want you to know

When presence turns into pressure

The heart-pounding territory of wanting

Couples Therapy

Chapter 11

Instar, decay, and the riot of my soul


The Things We Leave Out

Writing is a selfish act


The knowing

The things that follow us | Part III

The things that follow us | Part II

When we trapped time in our hands

The things that follow us | Part I

The mother I am

I want you to be happy here

Back to ground zero

The simple joy

Chapter 5

Where do we go from here?

From the Meth Lab to the Red Carpet

Being a home

The way he sees me

AMA: What’s harder? Waiting for the inspiration to write or writing to inspire?

Everything but the writing

Chapter 26

From the Dust | The Scent of Books

This is where I feel free

From The Dust Discount Code

I'm back here again.

Don’t be scared. Or if you are, do it anyway.

This is what grief looks like

I've found a home here

Can we ever escape our need?

All days are ours

AMA: What keeps your relationship so loving and vibrant?

Chapter 14

Equal parts euphoria and terror

A love that is here

From September

The Birth Story

How many more days do we have like this?


It's okay to not give all of yourself away

Grasping at the fabric of time

All the good things

I tried to slow it down

A mother, but not quite

Stop waiting for what’s next